Blood SOS
What is Blood SOS?
Blood SOS is a free voluntary program where eKincare maps a blood seekers with a matching blood group donor from the registered base, and sends out a SOS in the form of a SMS. SMS is sent to seekers within 10KM radius who have volunteered to donate. Watch the overview video..
How does Blood SOS work?
Using the app, one can volunteer to seek or donate blood in easy steps as shown below:
To donate blood:
Download the free eKincare app: Android. > Register your consent > Respond quickly when you get a request
To seek blood go to:
Tools > Start a blood SOS request > enter purpose for seeking blood > emergency contact number > Confirm your intent
Once, you confirm the intent a SMS is sent to the matching donors with your contact details, blood group etc. to respond back incase they would like to volunteer
What are the things I should keep in mind when donating blood:
Things you should know:
1. You should be in good health
2. You should weigh more than 45 kgs
3. You should be between 18-60 years of age
4. You should have eaten well and taken plenty of fluids on that day
5. Discuss your medical history with the Physician/Nurse
6. Avoid smoking for a few hours before and after the donation
7. Avoid antibiotics for 72 hours after the donation
8. Avoid alcohol on the day of donation
9. Avoid driving for a day after the donation
Why should I donate Blood?
For every 1 unit of blood you donate, you could be saving 3 lives. The other unexpected advantages of donating blood are:
1. One time blood donation helps you shed 650 Kcal. Do good to stay healthy
2. Regular blood donations help to keep the levels of iron in the body in check, especially in males. This has shown to reduce heart disease.
3. Frequent blood donations are good free health check-ups that will help you stay healthy
Expert Opinion
What is expert opinion?
Expert opinion is a simple, yet powerful tool that helps you securely share your medical history with a doctor or a person you trust. The doctor then can review your medical reports online and provide his/her feedback directly against your profile as well as those opinions suggested will be mailed to your registered email id. Think of this as a simple mechanism to share and receive feedback about your medical history.
How does expert opinion feature work?
Simply register, click picture of your old medical records and share. Watch a step by step video on how to use expert opinion..
What are the advantages of using expert opinion feature?
Expert opinion can come handy in multiple ways
1. Let’s say you just had undergone a medical test and want to share it with a doctor to get his/her opinion on the outcomes
2. Let’s say you have to share a report with a surgeon, cardiologist and your family physician and gather their feedback. You could easily share your medical profile with all the three and their comments are all consolidated in a single window in order to make a quick correlation and educated medical decisions
How secure is to share my medical profile through expert opinion?
You are in complete control as to who you want to share your medical history with. Even when we share we send an email to the doctor with the link to your profile and a One TIme Password (OTP) to their registered mobile number to put two together to access the details. Last but not the least, their access is revoked in 48 hours to ensure your privacy.