HR-Raghav’s smart move helps his employee get out of Diabetes trap.

January 25, 2019 - 2 minutes read

ekincare solution to HR Raghav's problem to solve chronic health conditions

Context: Raghav is a Sr. Manager from the HR function of a Fortune 500 company. He is an ambitious and smart working person who is always ready solve employee problems and focuses on long-term solutions rather than having a quick fix.

The Problem: Raghav could see the direct correlation between the increasing number of sick leaves and doctor appointments at his company with the employees lifestyle.

The other day he saw Rithvik ordering a Cheese-Burst Pizza and Virat taking multiple smoke breaks due to stress.

The negative effects of the modern lifestyle has been catching up at a rapid pace with the employees. A recent study conducted by Forbes states that employees who missed work because of a chronic health condition resulted in a cost  of $84 billion due to lost productivity. This was very alarming for Raghav.

The Solution

Raghav, decided to launch the ekincare platform and got the health checks and health risk assessment done for the employees. He found that the Health-Scores of his employees are below average and 22% of the employees are in the risk zone of getting chronic diseases such as Diabetes and High Cholesterol.

Population analytics Dashboard

Based on the employee health conditions, Raghav organised several wellness programs. With the help of ekincare platform’s 24*7 doctor consultations and regular healthcare nudges Rithvik and Virat adopted a healthier lifestyle.

The Result

Improved Health-Score for Virat and Rithvik

Employee Wellness Score Dashboard

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