The tech side of employee wellness

June 4, 2019 - 4 minutes read

ekincare in partnership with SHRM has conducted a session on ‘The tech side of employee wellness’ during the SHRM TECH APAC 19. The below panelists were part of the session and have shared their valuable insights on how technology is shaping up the employee wellness programs in the current scenario.

Dr. Jayakumar C, Vice president & Head HR L&T Constructions, Dr. Vini Nair, Regional Medical Director, Corteva Agriscience. Dr. Noel Coutinho, SVP ekincare. During the session, a survey was conducted among the HRs with an intention of knowing the key challenges that companies face with regard to the employee wellness and health benefits for the companies, the results are shared below.

Q1) What are the next big technology trends in corporate wellness?

  • Analytics – 7%
  • AI – 8%
  • Personalised health benefits – 47%
  • All of the above – 38%

Corporate wellness is rapidly gaining importance, and the need for new and innovative solutions to improve health & wellness has become the need of the hour. The challenges with traditional wellness programs is a ‘one size fits all’ approach and employees need personalised health solutions in order to utilise the health benefits offered to the maximum extent.

The survey conducted during the SHRM Tech APAC 19 event reiterates the need for personalised health benefits with 85% of the respondents considering it as one of the next big technology trends in corporate wellness.

Q2) What are the challenges in driving successful health benefits programme?

  • Poor Engagement – 21%
  • Coordinating with multiple partners – 27%
  • Inability to measure outcomes – 43%
  • Not an organisational priority – 9%

Though a lot of organisations have been investing heavily in corporate wellness, there has always been a gap in measuring and determining the ROI of these programs.

A lot of employee wellness programmes are often limited by a lack of data to guide their design and measure outcomes. As a result organisations end up offering health benefits which eventually lack utilisation. Another challenge with regard to offering a comprehensive health benefits solution is dealing with multiple partners as a lot of solutions do not cover the entire gamut of health benefits.

The survey conducted during the SHRM Tech APAC 19 event shows that Inability to measure outcomes and coordinating with multiple partners are the topmost challenges with 70% of the respondents voting for it.

Q3) What are HRs wary about technology in health & wellness?

  • Data Privacy – 49%
  • Too Intrusive – 8%
  • Loss of personal touch – 38%
  • None of the above – 3%

Data privacy has been one of the top most concerns for organisations and as well as individuals, especially in the healthcare sector. A comprehensive wellness program may include various vendors and it is not a good idea to have employee data to be shared with multiple vendors.

Technology often reduces the time taken to deliver services but there is a lack of personal connect, hence wellness programs should always have a right mix of offline and online wellness initiatives. The survey also indicates data privacy as the topmost concern(49%) for wellness initiatives at organisations.