As the pandemic brought about unforeseen challenges and added stress to our daily lives, we knew it was crucial to prioritize the wellbeing of our team at Netcracker. This became especially important as we transitioned to working from home, as it can be easy to let self-care fall by the wayside when dealing with the added stress of a global health crisis.

We knew that taking care of our team's physical and mental health was not only the right thing to do, but it would also help them perform at their best as they navigated this new normal. In order to address the health needs of our employees, we wanted to take a proactive, holistic approach that encompassed both the short-term and long-term health needs of our employees.

For this, we turned to ekincare.

ekincare proved to be an invaluable resource for our company, offering a wide range of healthcare services that our employees could access anywhere. The platform's personalized care options ensured that each individual received tailored treatment, while the availability of both physical and mental health care services provided a well-rounded approach to wellbeing. The simplicity and ease of use of the platform allowed our employees to access the help they needed in a matter of seconds.

ekincare’s flexible healthcare services, including round-the-clock access to doctors, access to gyms, and mindfulness workshops, helped our team reach optimal health and wellbeing. This not only promoted a healthy work-life balance for our team but also motivated them to perform at their best by prioritizing their health.

Thanks to our partnership with ekincare, we have been able to establish a strong foundation of good health for our organization. Due to the platform's wide range of healthcare services and accessibility, our employees can easily take care of all their wellbeing needs, at their convenience, and on their own terms.


As much as the pandemic affected us physically and mentally, it also made us re-evaluate our priorities. At Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) we wanted to ensure we were supporting our employees through turbulent times by providing them the necessary tools to cope. In addition, it was essential for us to make our employees feel safe.

Given this context, we started our search for a partner who would care about the health of our employees as deeply as we did. We believe that the organisation's strongest asset is our people - and they deserve the best possible health platform that would look at it from both a preventive and prescriptive perspective.

With ekincare it became effortless to access top OPD healthcare services. Feeling exhausted is not uncommon experiences within organisations, as HR it was our responsibility to look outside the basic health insurance programme and take a holistic approach towards addressing our employee's well-being needs in line with the evolving situation.

Not only did ekincare seamlessly cover our healthcare needs but it was able to provide personalised healthcare services as per individual needs - all under one integrated platform. Most importantly, the ease of accessibility ensured a hassle-free experience for everyone. Furthermore, with both physical and mental health care services available a click away, employees didn't hesitate to reach out for help.

An organisation is as healthy as its employees; with ekincare we've proactively built a foundation of good health and opened new avenues of engagement and motivation.


Over 500 HR heads across the country agree that managing their team's health is easier than ever with ekincare. By integrating and simplifying health benefits for their teams, we have enabled businesses to save billions on healthcare expenses while keeping employees happy, engaged and productive!

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