Save up to 25% of your healthcare costs using data

Organized health data and analytics can be used to customize health services to better suit your employee requirements. Further, it helps in better technical underwriting and decreasing your health insurance premiums

Optimize Costs and Ensure Wellness in your Workforce

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Intelligent Screening

Using data from past health checks and health risk assessment, provide health checks that are actually needed. This saves money and does not put your employees through unnecessary health checks

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Discounted Rates

Our aggregator model allows you to get the best prices in the market for sponsored services for your organization. Also, employees enjoy further discounts on out-of-pocket services through the ekincare app

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Standardized Information

Our patented technology will help you standardize data from health check reports from different providers and services. This helps maintain health history of employees and their families in a consistent measurable manner

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Lower insurance premiums

Working with insurance providers, standardized data collected over time helps in better technical underwriting and decreases your corporate insurance premiums

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Reduce Sick Leaves

Overall preventive healthcare approach helps improve employee wellbeing, which results in them being more productive

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Identify health risks

Identify a group’s health risk before the onset through our preventive approach. This helps employees identify and manage health risks and postpone or prevent long term diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular health issues etc