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Access and manage your
population risk better
Move from a simple payer role to a 360° Health Counsellor. Assist your customers in taking the best health decisions with an integrated solution.
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Continuously track the risk of your insured population.
ekincare continuously measures the effectiveness of your wellness investments and potential savings. With real-time data, you can understand health risks at an individual level. The platform allows to identify and cluster population on the basis of health score.
Consolidate critical health data from multiple systems.
ekincare creates the possibility for consolidating data from multiple health systems and wearables. The consolidated data can be analyzed for the creation of custom products and better technical underwriting.
Lower claim ratios through targeted interventions.
Unlike current one size fit’s all solutions, ekincare’s platform identifies an individual/ group’s health risks before their onset for targeted interventions. In the scenario of claim, we can check the authenticity of the claim.
Data is the new oil. It's only useful when its refined!
ekincare's patent-pending technology helps standardize data from multiple sources like wearables, lab results, doctors consultations, health coaches. The advantages of normalised data across the population are:
Segment your population into high/medium/low based on the potential risk of diseases.
Reduce fraud
Reduce fraud
With an integrated network, reduce data manipulation by intermediaries.
Develop new products
Develop new products
Unlock new sales opportunities through insights from your data
Reduce turn around time
Reduce turn around time
Improve your turn around time by integrating logic on top of structured data.
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