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Well-being Outlook 2023: A guidebook to reimagine employee well-being is your one-stop guide to revamping well-being programs. An exclusive study conducted by ekincare and People Matters takes a deep dive into prevalent industry well-being trends, employee preferences and technological upgrades in plans for 2023.With 2023 being another pivotal year for companies, many are looking at revamping well-being programs to improve engagement and employee experience. Today's companies are building more holistic,personalized, flexible well-being programs to improve productivity scores and motivate their employees.

The Well-being Outlook 2023 report helps contextualize developments within the well-being landscape with larger employee and workplace trends. The report effortlessly blends data with crucial insights through interviews with top HR leaders and Rewards leaders. Download your copy today and find ways to reimagine your well-being programs in 2023. Leverage insights to improve your well-being programs and decode the trends that will be pivotal in shaping the future of the landscape.

In this report, you find:

  • An in-depth look at the employee well-being landscape in 2023
  • A blend of data-backed trends and top HR leader's views on the state of employee well-being
  • Actionable insights on what companies are doing to improve their well-being programs
  • Top employee trends influencing the creation of well-being programs

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