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We’re on a mission to make India Inc healthy, one organisation at a time

And we’re looking for people like you to to join us on the journey!

We are building a legacy that will outlast us

Be in the company of the best and brightest in the space. We take pride in our work and have fun while we are at it

We are looking for future leaders. Are you up for it?

Are You Entrepreneurial?
Are you entreprenurial?
You will have the opportunity to take informed risks and see the impact of your work towards the greater goal
Are You Empathetic?
Are you empathetic?
Understanding the problem statement without rushing to solve it is a great skill. Join us to nurture that!
Are You Ambitious?
Are you ambitious?
Willing to grow leaps and bounds by learning, unlearning and relearning? This is the place for you!
Do You Crave Excellence?
Do you crave excellence?
We are a team of high performers always aiming for excellence in everything. Join us if you are the same.

Hear From Our ekceptionals

Since day one, my team's approachability, and positive atmosphere have transformed my journey. Abundant resources and upskilling opportunities enable me to stay current with tech advancements, contributing significantly to my growth and learning.

Shrishti Chaturvedi
Shrishti Chaturvedi
SDE - Fullstack

Transitioning from traditional marketing, I joined ekincare with limited segment knowledge. A warm welcome, supportive environment, and freedom to experiment fueled my embrace of startup ethos. Progressing from one service to managing multiple, the autonomy to employ diverse strategies catalyzed my growth.

Aakash Mathur
Aakash Mathur
Manager Marketing

ekincare sees potential beyond resumes, supporting individuals in transcending career gaps. Transitioning from SDR to Lead and into Sales wasn't just a career progression; it symbolized surmounting personal and professional challenges. ekincare's nurturing environment turns obstacles into stepping stones, fostering growth and resilience.

Soumya Y
Soumya Y
Manager Benefits Consultant

My journey has taken me from being an individual contributor to becoming a Manager, ensuring that every diagnostics transaction flows harmoniously. It's like crafting a symphony where the health and wellness services aren't just accessible; they are seamless, efficient, and transformative.

Gowtham Navuluru
Gowtham Navuluru
Manager Operations

Joining ekincare over six years ago to lead mobile apps marked the start of a remarkable journey. Our unique leadership approach fostered an environment promoting exploration, learning, and innovation. Fearless of failure, we shaped strategies that elevated our products from humble beginnings to excellence.

Gourav Gupta
Gourav Gupta
Senior Product Manager

During my tenure at ekincare, I developed expertise in receivables, evolving from a novice in revenue. Now, I adeptly navigate the complexities of the revenue function, thanks to invaluable mentorship. I autonomously tackle challenges, consistently pushing boundaries to make a significant impact.

Murali Killi
Murali Killi
Associate Manager Finance

In the dynamic tech landscape, I strive to learn, lead, and innovate. My stint here has transformed me, refining technical skills and fostering vital soft skills. As a seasoned full-stack developer, I confidently tackle challenges in a culture of empowerment, collaboration, and innovation, propelling both personal and career growth. Excited for the journey ahead at ekincare!

Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar
SDE II - Full Stack

Being among the first ten team members, I began as a graphic design intern and worked my way up. The captivating world of product design ignited my passion, driving me forward. Despite obstacles, ekincare's culture fosters continuous learning from peers, superiors, even clients across the entire value chain.

Shiva Thallapalli
Shiva Thallapalli
Design Head

My time at ekincare has taught me the importance of putting customers first and the amazing impact of teamwork. I have learned to run processes smoothly for long-term solutions and find pure joy in tackling tough assignments and satisfying our customers.

Nithin Raj
Nithin Raj
Manager Operations

Working with ekincare has supercharged my learning curve to optimum level. The dynamic flat heirarchy helped my growth, where colleagues and mentors provided extensive support. From mastering operations to cultivating relationships - my professional journey here knew no bounds!

Ritobhas Ghosh
Ritobhas Ghosh
Manager Partnerships

My time at ekincare has equipped me with essential skills in strategic planning, communication, and relationship building. I'm grateful for the opportunity to grow with the guaidance of Dr. Noel and Piyush's mentorship, which has sharpened my analytical abilities, enabling data-driven decision making.

Samarth Sinha
Samarth Sinha
Manager - Benefits Consultant

Our values

Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

  • Our customers are the heart of everything we do

  • We prioritize the needs of our customers, listen actively, and consistently deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

  • Every decision we make is aimed at enhancing the overall experience.


Extreme ownership

  • We make tough choices, and confront challenges head-on to achieve goals

  • We embrace the concept of extreme ownership, taking full responsibility for our actions and outcomes.

  • Each team member understands that success depends on dedication, accountability, and initiative.


10x impact

  • Innovate, seek transformative opportunities, & create 10x impact

  • We are not satisfied with incremental progress.

  • Our pursuit of 10x impact drives us to think boldly, innovate relentlessly, and seek transformative solutions that reshape the healthcare landscape to create lasting change.

We do as we preach!

We ensure our employees get the same best-in-class health benefits that we provide our clients.

Free Gym access
Free Gym access
Fitness is key and we provide unlimited free access to gyms and fitness centres anywhere in India.
Sponsored Physical and Mental Health
Sponsored physical and mental health
Annual health check, telemedicine and access to doctors and counsellors are sponsored for all employees
Medical Cover
Medical cover
In case of hospitalization, we provide health insurance and accident cover for employees, spouse and kids

A culture that inspires

It is our employees and their value system that sets us apart and helps us achieve our goals.

Freedom & Responsibility
Freedom & responsibility
Our employees have the freedom to implement ideas and are responsible for the company's overall success
Flat Hierarchy
Flat hierarchy
There is no red tape in the organization and everyone is approachable.
5 Days Work Week
5-day work week
Unless necessary, we ensure to manage a work-life balance and work 5 days a week
A Culture That Inspires