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Your employees' health and wellness is our Key Performance Indicator.

When it comes to taking care of your employees' health needs, ekincare pulls out all the stops! Here are some of the top leaders sharing their genuine experience with the ekincare platform.

Here's why HR leaders trust us with their team's well-being

Better health for the workforce

500+ companies trust ekincare to enhance the health and well-being of employees and their families. With access to an all-in-one preventive healthcare platform, employees and their dependents are safe, secure and protected at all times.

ekincare's data sense dashboard is our solution to the HR team's employee health management woes. With a state-of-the-art system for tracking employee health metrics, HR leaders can stay one step ahead of potential health problems and keep their workforce healthy, fit and productive!

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hbc logo

“At HBC, we value the well-being of our people above everything else. We understand that our employees have different health needs and preferences, and we want to support them in achieving their health goals. That’s why we partnered with ekincare, who helped us design and implement customised health plans for each employee. ekincare also provided us with in-depth analytics and reports that showed us how our team was doing in terms of their health and wellness. This helped us identify and address any health issues or risks that could affect our employees’ performance and happiness. Thanks to ekincare, we have made keeping our employees healthy a simple and enjoyable process.”

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“We believe that the health and happiness of our employees and their families is the key to our success. When they are healthy and happy, they are more productive, creative, and motivated. That’s why we want them to take good care of their health and wellness, and we support them in doing so. We encourage them to use the ekincare platform, which helps them manage their health benefits effectively and efficiently. The platform also helps them schedule and get regular health check-ups, which can help them prevent any potential health problems or complications. The ekincare platform helps our employees and their families stay healthy and happy, so we can together contribute our best to ebay.“

ikea logo

“At IKEA, we value our coworkers’ health and safety above all else. We know that they are the backbone of our company, and we want them to feel comfortable and secure at work. That’s why we have launched programmes like ‘My Safety, My Responsibility’, which aim to create a healthy and safe workplace for our coworkers. These programmes educate and empower our coworkers to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others. ekincare is our trusted partner in taking care of our coworkers’ health and wellness. ekincare provides our coworkers with access to a range of health services, such as online consultations, health check-ups, pharmacy discounts, and more. These services help our coworkers take care of their physical and mental health needs, and improve their quality of life.“

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“Our mandate to ekincare was to help us transform our organizational culture into one that would establish a strong connection between high performance and good health. We recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset and we wanted them to be healthy and happy so they could perform at their best. We are extremely pleased with the initiative and the professionalism that the ekincare team has demonstrated in providing us with excellent service and support throughout this process.“

bv logo

“As a company that values the health and well-being of our employees, we were looking for a partner who could help us manage and execute various our corporate health and well-being programmes effectively and efficiently. We wanted our employees to be able to access and utilize their benefits easily and conveniently. ekincare provided us with a unified and data-driven platform that enabled us to achieve high usage of key benefits like Annual Health Checks (AHCs), which have become our new standard for measuring and improving the health of our workforce.“

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“As an organisation with a large team of employees, we faced a huge challenge to vaccinate them during the pandemic. We wanted to protect them from the virus and ensure their safety and well-being. The ekincare platform was a big help to us as it made the whole process of running vaccination camps at scale easy and smooth. We were able to book slots, track the status, and get reports on the platform without any hassle or delay.“

moengage logo

“As a startup that operates in a high-pressure environment, we often faced many health issues among our employees such as burnout, stress, and work-related injuries. These issues affected their productivity, morale, and satisfaction. ekincare helped us tackle these issues by gamifying health activities with their fun, and comprehensive health and wellness platform. They offered various features such as health challenges, rewards, leaderboards, and personalized recommendations that motivated our employees to take care of their health and wellness in an engaging and enjoyable way.“

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“We had a great experience working with ekincare for our health check programs. They handled everything from scheduling the appointments for our employees to sending the reports to us in a timely manner. They were also quick and professional in resolving any questions or issues that our employees had regarding the health check process. We are delighted with the quality of service and support that ekincare has provided us and we rate them 5/5 for their excellence and efficiency.“

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“As a start-up, we had to deal with a lot of health challenges that affected our employees, such as burnout, mental well-being, and occupational hazards. These challenges could have a negative impact on our productivity and performance. That’s why we decided to partner with ekincare, who offered us a holistic health and wellness platform that addressed these concerns effectively. The platform also had gamification features that made it more engaging and rewarding for our employees to take care of their health and wellness. With ekincare, we were able to create a healthy and happy work environment for our employees.“

2adpro logo

“We are very thankful to ekincare for their support in looking after our employees and their family members’ health and well-being. The platform has been a great boon for them, as it has saved them a lot of time and money, and has provided them with a feeling of safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. ekincare has also offered us various services and features that have enhanced our employees’ health and wellness experience.“

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“We relied on ekincare for everything related to our employees’ health and wellness, from annual health checks to workplace sanitization during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 24x7 access to doctors was a great feature that helped our employees and their family members feel more confident and secure about their well-being. ekincare also provided us with timely reports and insights that helped us monitor and improve our employees’ health outcomes.“