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eKincare's patented health platform gives you the power to see what benefits are working and the confidence to truly make an impact, where it is needed the most

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Is your wellness strategy improving your employees’ health?

With India’s first personal health assistant, continuously track an individual’s health for personalized and timely recommendations to drive maximum adherence.

Are you getting the right ROI out of wellness spend?

Measure the effectiveness of your wellness initiatives with tangible healthcare outcomes and assess their impact. Year of year utilization isn’t the right performance metric.

Are you addressing the most critical health problem?

Unlike current one size fit’s all solutions, eKincare’s identifies risk clusters and individuals who need the maximum attention to drive targeted and highly efficient interventions

Are you measuring your wellness programs?

A good wellness program is not useful if its not measured and assessed continuously. Existing employee health benefits are the same age old one size fits all initiatives. Start thinking differently...

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How do you gauge if these programs are improving your employees’ medical condition? 

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How do you measure the ROI out of these programs against your employees’ health care costs? 

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Is YoY utilisation the right metric to justify your organisation’s wellness budget? 

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Is your wellness strategy really solving your organisation's most critical healthcare problem?

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Strategic, Targeted & Highly efficient

Join our rapidly growing clients, who love our solution for seamlessly managing employee's health

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eKincare for individuals

A digital healthcare companion in the truest sense, eKincare assists one in being healthy from a 360 degree angle.

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eKincare for insurance

A robust end to end employee wellness solution, we provide an organised and effective solution for the management to understand where the health risks for their employee population lie and help them mitigate the risks, thus reducing the cost of claims.