Maintaining a Healthy Workforce is now Simplified

Invest in an integrated platform for all your employee healthcare plans and requirements

Powerful Analytics

Keep track of your employees' overall wellbeing on a real-time basis. Measure the efficacy of your employee wellness program and monitor employee health risk data

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Our powerful health benefits policy engine takes care of using technology to administer benefits depending on age, gender, location, department, co-pay, reimbursement etc

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ekincare has shown 5X increase in engagement by consolidating health benefits benefits via a single platform and through actionable personal health insights and recommendations

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What if we said, you could provide extensive health benefits at lesser costs than your annual health check budgets? well, that's what our technology, data science, and partnerships can do

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Efficient Tools Easily

Revitalize Your Employees Through Our Unified Wellness Platform

By providing the correct mix of healthcare services, right health check package, and nudging employees towards a healthy lifestyle, we make the right use of your budgets. Further, our data driven approach helps you negotiate better group insurance premiums as well!

Rated 4.0 with more than 5,000+ ratings, ekincare has a powerful booking engine in the backend, employees simply select their nearest center, date and time to finish the process! Regular feedback and ratings after health checks help us to keep improving the process

Organize, plan and easily execute on onsite camps, stepathons, and other activities using ekincare app. Our events module collects RSVPs, automates reminders and ensures maximum participation

Track utilization, risk clusters, savings and engagement through real time analytics on a password protected populations insights dashboard

Employees get health tips and recommendations based on their lifestyle regularly to nudge them towards healthy habits

Mental well-being is also a part of ekincare's holistic preventive health approach. Counselors are available 24*7 on chat or phone to help employees for any queries

Proficient Health Protection For Your Employees

Provide benefits tailored to every employees' unique health needs and requirements, be it pregnancy care or a personal health coach.

With a 4.5 rating from 6,000+ consultations, ekincare doctors are available round the clock for any health queries. With less than 30 seconds of wait time, employees get quick, hassle-free consults with MBBS qualified doctors

With patent-pending technologies, ekincare digitizes and stores all medical records securely for immediate access anywhere, anytime. Simply upload a photo of your past health records, and we will digitize them for you

With multiple challenges, articles and follow-on health services, ekincare app suggests every individual on how to improve their health and wellbeing

Employees can get medicines delivered to their door at discounted prices within 48 hours. Be it prescription medication or over-the-counter medicines, we will deliver it to your home or office address

Employees can sync their wearables to track steps and other health parameters and compete against colleagues through stepathons

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