A one-stop health benefits solution at fractional cost

A unique health benefits solution that provides insurance, mental wellness & preventive healthcare services

Health Benefits Solution

Your employee base is not homogeneous

Employees in different age groups have different health goals



Aged between 20 to 30 years focused towards fitness

Gyms & fitness
Sync wearables
Diet charts
Middle aged

Middle aged

Married with kids. witnessed a health emergency in family

Annual health checkups
Doctor consultations
Pharmacy orders
Family health


Needs to focus on lifestyle issues and managing health expenses

Regular health checks
Health coaching
Monthly pharmacy
Family doctor
Employees benefits
83 %
of employees say that managing their health
is a top priority in life
Employees benefits lead to
Healthy & Productive employees
Happy employees
Talent retention
A plug & play model for your
health benefits
Health Insurance
Health Insurance
Insurance for employees, spouse and 2 kids
3 Lakh Hospitalization
3 Lakh personal accident cover
Seamless claims
General Health
General Health
Personalized & preventive health assistant
Annual health checks
Family doctor
Medicine delivery
Mental Health
Mental Health
Behavioural & emotional wellbeing
Mindfulness programs
Employee assistance programs
Psychologist consultations
Physical Health
Physical Health
Personalized physical fitness
Gyms and fitness centers
Health habit nudges
Stepathons & gamification
* Hospitalization insurance and personal accident cover are fulfilled by our insurance and broker partners
Lower costs
96 %
cost savings on actual value paid per employee
Higher Engagement
40 %
Industry average engagement index
70 %
ekincare's engagement index
With our flexible policy engine health benefits can be structured to mirror clients benefits policy
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