Our Journey - ekincare

Our Story

Starting in 2014, with the intention to help non-resident Indians keep track of the health of family members back home, ekincare began its journey as a medical records platform. The idea was to bring order and standardization to the disparate, broken healthcare ecosystem in India with the help of AI, deep analytics and our patented technology.

Identifying a more challenging problem in the corporate health benefits and group insurance space, we pivoted to being a B2B only provider and never looked back. With services like telemedicine, pharmacy, mental health and fitness we made the natural progression to become India’s most advanced enterprise ready health benefits platform!


Pioneers in the industry

We are the only Indian company focussed purely on enterprise ready health benefits, and have been at the forefront of innovation in health-tech

1st to structure non-standardised medical data
1st dynamic health score
1st AI digital health assistant
1st 24x7 doctor support and 1st Family doctor
1st to provide real-time population health analytics
1st cashless OPD insurance product

We are here to make a dent

Be in the company of the best and the brightest in the space. We pride our work and the world acknowledges.

Pride of our Work - ekincare

Meet our team

  • Kiran Kalakuntla - Founder, CEO

    Kiran Kalakuntla

    Founder, CEO

    • LinkedIn
    • 15+ years of experience in building & marketing 30+ technology products like Moto X, Worlds’s 1st 3d smartphone, RFI. Managed $100M in product sales for AT&T

  • Srikanth Samudrala - Cofounder, CTO

    Srikanth Samudrala

    Cofounder, CTO

    • LinkedIn
    • 13+ years of experience in building large scale web and mobile applications. Past Barclays, HSBC. Created Teamroq, an open-source enterprise collaboration platform

  • Dr. Noel Coutinho- Chief Business Officer

    Dr. Noel Coutinho

    Chief Business Officer

    • LinkedIn
    • 23+ years of experience in insurance. Served at RGA, Metis & United health care leading various functions, including managing business for India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

  • Vinay Pawar - COO

    Vinay Pawar


    • LinkedIn
    • 13+ years of experience in healthcare, banking & technology. Served as a CFO of Apollo life, helped Shalby hospitals expand in a corporate strategy role

  • Dr. Lavanya Aribandi- Chief Medical Officer

    Dr. Lavanya Aribandi

    Chief Medical Officer

    • LinkedIn
    • MBBS, MD certified by the American Board of internal medicine with 20+ years in internal medicine

  • Manish Mrigank - Head of Product

    Manish Mrigank

    Head of Product

    • LinkedIn
    • 14+ years of experience across product management, strategy and digital transformation across B2B, B2C companies

  • Chaitanya C - AVP, Customer success

    Chaitanya C

    AVP, Customer success

    • LinkedIn
    • 15+ years of experience in project management and customer success roles at Deloitte, Value Labs, Allstate and Well Fargo in the US

  • Somak Ray - AVP, New Initiatives

    Somak Ray

    AVP, New Initiatives

    • LinkedIn
    • Served at Aviva Life insurance as a manager of strategic initiatives. Responsible for partner network and clients relationship

  • Mahesh Jain - CA, CMA

    Mahesh Jain

    Associate Director, F&A

    • LinkedIn
    • 8+ years of experience managing finance and accounts in leading healthcare & manufacturing companies

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