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Flexi Cover: More savings with higher employee engagement and limitless options

A flexible health benefits solution for employees to choose their own healthcare needs, ranging from Hospitalization, Dependents Coverage, Health Checks, Gyms & Fitness, and much more


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Your team members are not homogenous, and your employee health benefits should account for that

One size doesn’t fit all, because team members across an organization have different needs

Limited options

Limited options

A one-size-fits-all approach to health benefits makes it difficult to account for the diverse and specific needs of employees, leading to an inefficient system

Low engagement

Low engagement

Many employee health benefits programs do not offer relevant services for users, leading to low engagement and utilization across the board

value for money

Not value for money

Most health benefits plans either come with a single and inefficient solution for all employees or have multiple options at very high price premiums

Give your employees the power to choose their own health benefits with Flexi Cover

ekincare flexi cover all benefits

A flexible & customizable model for your employee health benefits

Our personalized range of services allow users to pick the health benefits that best suit their needs

Flexi cover - host of health benefits
Providing employees access to a host of benefits
A wide range of benefits and services helps cater to employees' varied health needs and helps them feel safe and secure
Flexi cover - choice to employees
Empowering employees to select the ones they need
Employees have the power of choice when it comes to taking charge of their health journey with services that suit them
Flexi cover - options based on age
Options based on gender, age, preference, lifestyle habits, etc.
We help cater to employees' changing health needs over time with personalized health services and endless customization

Flexi Cover: A custom-built plan to help organizations

Our health plans are built from the ground-up, keeping your teams' health needs in mind

Get rewards for higher employee engagement
Employees earn Health Points for fulfilling health goals, leading to a rewarding health experience and driving higher engagement
Save on unnecessary costs with fixed & transparent pricing
Our healthcare services strive to be simple, cost-effective and transparent so that companies can rest assured that their employees’ health is in good hands
Achieve higher ROI on their healthcare spending
Customized and flexible health plans help employees utilize the services more effectively, thus giving companies better ROI for employee healthcare
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As a start-up, the immediate health concerns that we saw were burnout, mental well-being, and occupational hazards. We were able to address these concerns with ekincare's holistic health and wellness platform, combined with gamification features.

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