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Add steroids to your business with AI-driven health graph for better risk profiling and targeting

Value-added services through India’s largest cashless OPD network

With 10,000+ partners across India already working with ekincare, this network can be leveraged easily to provide additional benefits and services to your customers

Plug-and-play for wellness-based products
Plug-and-play for wellness-based products
With easy API integrations to ekincare services and our platform's availablilty as a progressive web app, the network can be leveraged with minimum effort
End-to-end digitally enabled
End-to-end digitally enabled
All partners are digitally enabled to ensure health data flows back to ekincare and compiled into individual’s electronic medical records
Auto adjudication of services
Auto adjudication of services
With a digitally enabled platform, it takes only a few seconds to auto-adjudicate bills to avoid misappropriation of services utilized and ensure validity

Our pan-India network ensures coverage across

Hospitals & Diagnostic centres
Gyms & Fitness centres
Cities covered

Better targeted distribution of insurance products

Know your end users and their health graph like never before! With ekincare's data sense and care engage, segment and create user profiles for whom you can create value through additional products. Use this data to reach out the right customers, with more than 80 health tags on the ekincare platform.

health graph for employees
Identify clusters basis health tags

Identify clusters basis health tags

With the additional health information available through data sense, identify user clusters across demographics basis various health tags
Targeted distribution of products

Targeted distribution of products

Similar to digital advertising, micro-target your exact customer segment basis ekincare health tags to better upsell and cross-sell new products
Mass customization of products

Mass customization of products

With the segmented profiling, you can now offer customized products based on policy holder's needs and risk profiles

Reward your customers for healthy behaviour

Build a rewards platform with ekincare to drive healthy behaviour among your customers. With various customizations available, you can design your program on some of the parameters mentioned below:

Step count or calories burnt or “streaks” of similar metrics
Fitness activities for employees
Fitness activities like marathons or attending gym regularly
Health stats like sugar levels
Health stats like sugar levels or thyroid levels post heath checks
preventive health services
Completion of preventive health services like health checks etc.
healthy behaviour

We are pleased to partner with ekincare to bring a wide variety of wellness benefits to our customers. This is another effort to positively engage with our customers and bring useful services to them. We are confident that many of our customers will start incorporating fitness activities into their daily routines, will start staying fitter, and get rewarded for their healthy lifestyle.

Read about our partnership with ICICI Lombard to drive well-being and healthy behaviour

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