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Corporate Wellness: Why is it important for an organization in India?

corporate wellness importance

Business has always been a numbers game. Whether it’s for sales, accounts, or even the number of coffees employees drink while on the job, numbers are everything. It is unsurprising, then, that this is also true in the space of employee health and well-being!

Speed. Efficiency. Outcomes. These are a few of the most common guiding factors for major businesses. Is this enough, or do modern workplaces need something more?

The answer is surprisingly simple. While it is true that the numbers indicate the health of a business, there is an oft-forgotten downside to this kind of thinking. Many "successful" employees often fail to keep their health in check. This leads to problems and challenges such as chronic lifestyle diseases, increased visits to the doctor, absenteeism, and much more. By association, this also causes organizations to lose out on potential opportunities due to the deteriorating health of their team members. Talk about an opportunity cost!

business opportunities vs employee health It can be difficult to maintain a balance between business opportunities and employee health

Corporate wellness programs are employee health benefits plans created to support and foster a comprehensive approach to well-being. These programs help create a "culture of health" on an organizational scale. Employee wellness programs that extend beyond traditional health benefits help cultivate sustainable healthy habits amongst employees and improve health outcomes. All this with the added benefits of increased productivity, better utilization of human resource investments and greater employee engagement.

Why are Corporate Wellness Programs important in India?

As per a Redseer report, only 15% of the overall working population is covered by corporate health and wellness programs in India. This is a worryingly small percentage in a workforce consisting of over 477 million workers.

Corporate health programs typically consist of health insurance, telemedicine, pharmacies, gyms and health checks, and cover multiple sectors such as manufacturing, BFSI, logistics, agriculture, and trading, among other industries.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

Now that we know the importance of employee health programs, let us look at some of the benefits of implementing a good corporate wellness plan.

  • Enhanced health - The risks of sedentary lifestyles, bad diets, and irregular sleep patterns are well documented. However, improving mental health, emotional well-being, and lifestyle habits is an uphill battle without a consistent and well-rounded health plan. Luckily, this is where corporate wellness programs shine! With dedicated support and a well-planned health and well-being program, employers can rest assured that their employees' health will get better over time.

  • Increased productivity - "Presenteeism" at the workplace is nearly as bad as "Absenteeism". Presenteeism is what happens when employees are "physically present" at work, but their focus is elsewhere. This often leads to lower productivity and reduces the efficiency of the organization as a whole. Dedicated wellness coaches and a health plan that fits employees' needs help reduce cases of absenteeism and presenteeism. As an added benefit, better employee health often leads to teams working with boosted morale and a more positive attitude!

  • Improved retention - In the post-pandemic workplace, health and well-being is an essential part of the employee experience. A comprehensive corporate wellness program can set an organization apart and add value to the workforce as well! This is a sure-fire way to keep talented employees happily working for the organization.

  • Decreased health risks - Good employee wellness plans help catch warning signs early. This leads to long-term benefits for employees and the organization, with improved health and a marked decrease in health issues among team members. Hence, wellness programs often help prevent unnecessary health risks and help mitigate the effects of illness and disease.

  • Fewer health costs for employees - Staying fit and healthy with regular health tracking helps lower unnecessary health costs for employees and employers. Moreover, keeping track of health needs and changing circumstances can help keep employees informed of possible expenses beforehand. This helps reduce the burden of health-related expenses on employees, and keeps the organization running smoothly as well!

benefits of corporate wellness programs 
 A quick look at some of the benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

In closing

The importance of corporate health programs cannot be underestimated as health awareness among citizens across the world rises day by day. Hence, comprehensive and well-planned employee health plans are the way forward for a healthier future workforce. No matter the place, time, or situation, health will always be a primary focus for people everywhere. The best way to prepare for the future of the corporate workplace is to invest in better corporate health plans that keep the guesswork out of the equation, leading to a happier, healthier, more productive workforce in the present and future.

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