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Forging a strong employee-centric work culture

employee-centric work culture

Employee disengagement is arguably the fact of today’s fast-growing work environment and digitally ahead world. What organizations and humans are losing real-time relationships at work, with both colleagues and personal level respectively? A lot of companies still comply with the old and conventional bureaucratic style of dealing with both work and people. The fact that employee and their career and mental wellbeing comes first is often overlooked in the process of generating numbers for the business. Additionally, this leads to low employee retention rates and low employee satisfaction. Virtual connection and the virtual economy is adversely impacting employees in companies.

Two in four employees complain that they don’t feel engaged with the other teammates at work. Employee centricity is pivotal to steering a harmonious work culture. As much as humanizing customer experience is a paramount aspect in client sustainability, the same implies to establishing a deep empathetic professional camaraderie with your workers or colleagues. Dissatisfied employees can most probably only indicate that your work culture is not aligned in keeping up with the present reality of the corporate world. Yes, it is true that big companies have huge scale budgets to extend an amiable HR support, but that doesn’t refrain any small-scale firms from doing whatever they can in the meagre funds or time available. Employee replacement may seem very feasible and convenient, however, each time you consider replacement, you are also increasing the employee attrition rate. Believe it or not, happy employees feel innately responsible and endeared towards the mission and vision of the organization. Furnishing a seamless and interactive culture among workers could be a fantastic idea! In today’s digital era, it is even more feasible to provide a nimble platform to get connected on every level (professional, personal etc.)

Tips to create a harmonious workplace

  • Pre-emptive communication and care: Dynamic within workforce environment reinforces a broader perspective. Proactively unlocking employee’s needs and concerns will give space for employees to voice out their challenges.
  • Establish a community or group for social purposes: Bring people together to bind relationships for a common social cause which enables them to stand for a motive unitedly. This replenishes the professional camaraderie they share and helps empathize with each other’s personal challenges.
  • Employee wellness: Healthy employees are both mentally and physically happy. This will directly impact the way they work. It will be more proactive and will prove productive. Comprehensive corporate wellness programs go a long way in building a healthy workforce.
  • Don’t probe but pay enough heed: Let your team members choose their own method to approach problem-solving solutions. Refrain from giving away too many commands or sounding bossy but also keep an eye on the progress of the approach they choose.
  • Commitment: Above all, dedication and perseverance towards forging a strong work culture are of utmost critical. Stay committed to every strategy you adopt in changing the environment. As they say, change does not take place overnight.

Undoubtedly, organizations cannot succeed without employees' valuable contributions to the table. The more you prioritize your employees and focus on their goals and well-being, the more proactive or automatic they will reciprocate in dedicating time to achieve your goals. Tentative rewards or a once a blue moon awards are short-lived and hence, you cannot reap any instant benefit. Anticipations from these common awards and rewards are unimaginably high from employers but what companies fail to comprehend is that tentative plans are non-sustainable. Entrench the culture of employee centricity deep into the roots and DNA of the definition of your business. Re-establish your brand as a unique and meaningful experience for whoever is a part of the journey to voice your brand discreetly.


Prachi Bharadwaj is an experienced Marketing Communications Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the health tech & higher education industries.