It’s time for a diabetes status check!

An estimated 77 million people suffer from Type 2 Diabetes in India.

According to the World Health Organisation, over 50% of people are unaware of their diabetic status which results in serious health risks. This calls for decisive action to elevate wellbeing, and set Diabetes in retreat.

This Diabetes Awareness Month, make sure your blood sugar levels are in check.


How can ekincare help?

At ekincare, we want to put everyone on the path to better health. In our effort to tackle diabetes and nip it in the bud, we offer our users:

24x7 Doctor Consultation

24x7 Doctor

Holistic diabetes care, consultation and treatment

Holistic diabetes care,

consultation and treatment
Full access to our online pharmacy

Full access to our

online pharmacy
Great deals on diabetes monitoring and treatment essentials

Great deals on diabetes monitoring

and treatment essentials
Annual health checks


health checks

Partnering with you on your diabetes journey

Navigate your health with personalized diabetes care.

Take control of your health with our comprehensive diabetes care and management services:

Premium Diabetes Package

Annual Health Checkups

Premium Diabetes Package

Pharmacy Value Subscription

Premium Diabetes Package

Specialist Consultations

Premium Diabetes Package

Diet Consultations

Premium Diabetes Package

Diabetes Management Packages

Premium Diabetes Package

Gym and Fitness Services

The ekincare approach to holistic diabetes care

Whether it's a basic home test or a full-fledged treatment, there is a diabetic care program tailored to fit your needs. Choose the health package that works for you!

Premium Diabetes Package

Advance Diabetes


₹ 1500

Advance Diabetes Package

Premium Diabetes


₹ 2800

health coach program

Baseline test for Diabetes

health coach program

₹ 450

Looking for morethan care packages?

Well, we’re here to help you get better and save big on wellness in the process. With ekincare, you get to choose from a variety of subscriptions that suit you, and also enjoy an extra 15% off on pharmacy orders.

Turn the tables on diabetes!

Reimagine your diabetes management with diet consultations!

We're here to make your journey to better health even more accessible. Flip the script on Diabetes with tailored diet solutions and personalized guidance for a healthier you

Enjoy 15% off on in-clinic and online consultations with expert care from the Diabetes specialists at ekincare.

Make fitness a part of diabetes care

Sign up for ekincare’s discounted packages with CultFit and Fitternity!

With CultFit, manage your diabetes like a pro, and experience the best of fitness with the Cult Elite Pass. Choose from expert-led workouts that suit you best.

With Fitternity, conquer your fitness and diabetes with an all-in-one pass to top gyms, trainers & nutrition experts in your city.

Practice Preventive Care!

Sign up for a doctor consultation.

A simple consultation with a medical professional, be it face-to-face or online, can determine your diabetic status. With ekincare, you can call on us anytime, anywhere.

Stay safe with proper, timely, preventive action!


Diabetes care at a discount!

Our online pharmacy is stocked with everything from insulin pens to syringes, sugar substitutes to vitamins. Each category also holds exciting deals, so don’t miss out!


Give yourself the ekincare benefit today. Avail all of these amazing diabetes care offers, deals and packages!