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At ekincare, our mission is to provide an exceptional health experience for your employees. We understand the significance of app ratings and reviews in evaluating user satisfaction and improving our services. Instead of pursuing ratings at the initial stage, we prompt users to rate our app after they have utilized our services, ensuring unbiased and experience-driven feedback. We actively engage with users, replying to all reviews and addressing concerns to resolve issues promptly. By prioritizing user feedback, implementing requested features, and conducting regular audits, we have significantly improved our app rating from 3.5 to an impressive 4.4. Our commitment to understanding and implementing customer feedback allows us to enhance the app, improve conversion rates, and maximize customer satisfaction. We curate our partners meticulously, ensuring their qualifications and the quality of services. Through seamless integration and a unified customer experience, we strive to maintain higher app ratings and continue delivering exceptional health benefits to our workforce.

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