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How Do You Stay Physically and Mentally Fit When Travelling?

How Do You Stay Physically and Mentally Fit When Travelling?

Travelling is an exciting adventure and a welcome break from regular life. But it often disrupts our regular routines - everything from food habits to the sleep cycle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging in such circumstances. Whether you are a regular traveller or you are about to go on a long-awaited trip, there are still ways you can prioritise your well-being.  

Let us explore some practical tips that will help you take care of your mental and physical fitness when you are travelling. 

1) Stay Hydrated 

We are starting with the most basic one because it is also the most easily ignored one. It is easy to forget to drink enough water in the rush for new experiences, and because of the lack of constant access, you are used to it at home. However, dehydration can cause fatigue and negatively affect your mood, especially when you are constantly on the move. So, make sure you carry a reusable water bottle with you and keep refilling it regularly to stay hydrated. And remember, sugary drinks or other beverages are not an alternative to water. 

Stay hydrated

2) Opting for Healthy Meals 

People think that eating healthy during travel will lead to missing out on exploring restaurants in new places. That's a myth. You can have healthy local food that can be very flavorful. On the other hand, you may also run into popular choices of easy-to-access fast food and not-so-healthy options. So, go beyond the surface and try what the locals eat. You can indulge in fast food too but try to maintain a balance. If you have any dietary restrictions, plan and do some research on how to manage food during travel. Have fresh fruits, dry fruits, and granola bars at hand to help with your hunger and cravings.  

3) Exercise Anywhere 

Exercise anywhere

Try not to complicate your workout routine when you are on the road. You can even make it a part of your exploration by going on an early morning jog to explore the locality and understand the daily morning lives of the locals. You can opt to walk to places instead of taking a ride for short distances, or you can do a bodyweight workout in your room. If working out is very important to you, consider staying at hotels with fitness facilities. But make sure that by travelling around and working out, you are not over-straining yourself.  

Check out this YouTube video where Urvi Gajra, a skilled yoga trainer, demonstrates how basic yoga asanas can effectively alleviate both physical and mental stress. Gain valuable insights and techniques to enhance your well-being through this informative session here. 

4) Get Enough Rest 

When you are out travelling, you might feel the pressure to make the most of every minute you are at that place. You aspire to witness and embrace a multitude of experiences. But this will leave you exhausted and stressed. Adequate sleep is essential for your well-being and to truly enjoy your experience. Try not to turn it into another workplace schedule where you must finish as many things as you can. Carry things like an eye mask and earplugs that would make sleep time more comfortable and get the rest your mind and body deserve.  

 5) Try Slow Travelling 

Slow travel is a practice where you let yourself soak in a place and choose to experience it at a slow pace. Unlike having a packed itinerary and hustling to check the boxes, in slow travel, you choose the experiences mindfully and give enough breathing space for each experience to shape up in its own way. You can try to slow travel by choosing to spend an evening in a park, leaving a day unplanned, or letting interesting places or conversations alter your schedule. Along with providing a deeper experience of the place, slow travel also helps you prevent physical and mental exhaustion during a trip.  

6) Have a Support System 

Travelling is not always rosy and great. There might be times when you fall sick, get scared, feel lonely, or feel overwhelmed. Always carry a basic medical kit to address common health issues so you don't have to scramble in a new place. When you feel low, connect with your friends and family for moral support and motivation. You can also ask for help and open up to people you meet on the road. Keep in mind that you don't have to go through it on your own. 

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Have a support system


Travelling is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and experience new places and cultures. But it doesn't have to come at the cost of your mental and physical health. By incorporating these simple healthy habits when you are travelling, you can ensure that your travels are not just memorable but also contribute to a healthy and balanced life. 

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Prioritise your health on the road, and let every journey be a balance of adventure and self-care. Stay on top of your well-being seamlessly, ensuring that your travels are not just a journey for the soul but also a commitment to your health. 

Happy travels! 

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Nivetha Kannan

Content Writer, Silver Oak Health

Nivetha Kannan writes blogs on mental health and well-being topics for Silver Oak Health. She is a professional content writer and is passionate about the field of psychology & personal development. She writes impactful content that brings positive changes in people. Her mantra for life is to 'be curious and not judgemental'.