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Planning for health emergencies with ekincare

Planning for employee health emergencies with ekincare

We have all heard the well-known proverb, "Prevention is better than cure." Having a good health plan which covers your medical needs is essential in ensuring a healthy and productive life. However, it is also a known fact that health emergencies can occur at any given time, from accidents to life-threatening illnesses. Often, these emergencies are a result of not keeping track of the changing health needs of a dynamic corporate professional's ever-changing lifestyle, or in some cases, unforeseeable circumstances.

When healthcare plans are not flexible and geared towards emergencies, patients' Out-Of-Pocket Expenses (OOPE) increase. This adds an unnecessary financial burden on top of the health emergency as well. This has been the way corporate health plans worked for a long time. However, keeping in mind the lessons of the pandemic, these OOPEs need to be addressed as soon as possible.

How ekincare can help

  • Spending account: A spending account is like an e-wallet with money put in it for specific purposes. These funds are personalized towards buying health services such as personal health checks, doctor consultations, gym & fitness sessions, e-pharmacy orders and so on. HR managers have the liberty to set spending limits on each of these health solutions and can also define who gets to use the benefits — only the employee and/or the employee's family members as well.

Instead of deciding what is good for an employee's health, adding funds directly into their Spending Account gives each and every employee the autonomy to decide what’s best for them and their family. As an added benefit, customizing the Spending Account for each employee helps reduce Out-Of-Pocket Expenses as well. 

  • Family doctors: Staying in contact with a single doctor over a long period of time helps the doctor build a keen understanding of their patients and prescribe medication or lifestyle changes that will help the patient. ekincare puts each user in touch with a dedicated family doctor who can chart out a health journey for them by learning their specific medical history and needs.

This reduces the risk of medical emergencies because the family doctor can warn and guide patients towards a lifestyle that poses a lower health risk in the short and long term, while also being able to provide better treatment in the case of any unforeseen emergencies. 

  • Real-time corporate dashboard: The Corporate Dashboard enables HR managers to determine major health risks in their teams in real-time, and in turn, helps motivate the employees to take up recommended activities and improve their lifestyles and overall health in the long term. Being able to track their health also enhances the efficacy of predictive data analytics and reduces the chances of illness in the long run.
  • Occupational Health Centres: Better health starts with easy access to primary care and expertise, and ekincare’s Occupational Health Centres (OHCs), also called Medical Rooms, bring this medical expertise to your workplace. Convenience and personal attention can help break down barriers to doctor consultations and dedicated medical professionals provide consistent care for employees, at little to no Out-Of-Pocket Expense, thus making the OHCs a win-win for the team members and the organization as a whole.

According to a Mercer study, 58% of workplaces that incorporated an onsite clinic say it has successfully helped employees control chronic conditions. Meanwhile, 63% of organizations that incorporated an onsite clinic say that it has been successful in reducing lost workdays.

Towards a healthier future

Sometimes, it is not possible to prevent diseases. However, the services mentioned here can help companies and employees in being better prepared to tackle such diseases and other emergencies, while also reducing the strain of medical expenses in the case of an unfortunate medical emergency. Health truly is wealth, and being well-prepared is the best way to stay healthy, safe and productive for workplaces and people across the world.

Here's how ekincare's range of services can help keep employees and their loved ones safe and healthy.

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