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HR Rachana’s social gamification strategy for Employee Engagement

social gamification strategy for employee wellness

Rachana, an ambitious and smart working Senior HR Manager of a Fortune 500 firm, is always proactive in solving employee problems and prefers a long term solution over a quick-fix.

The Problem - No means to organize health-related events and measure the effectiveness

Rachana could see a correlation between increasing sick leaves and employees’ lifestyles when one day she noticed Rithvik ordering a Cheese-Burst Pizza and Virat taking multiple smoke breaks due to stress. 

The negative effects of a modern lifestyle are catching up at a rapid pace with the employees. A recent study conducted by Forbes states that employees who missed work because of chronic health conditions resulted in a cost of $84 billion due to lost productivity. This was indeed very alarming for Rachana.

No doubt, it is difficult to grow healthy habits suddenly, but Rachana believed that small steps and small wins could have a great impact on creating habits and improving employees’ health journey. But, at the same time, she had no means for organizing and measuring the success of these programs.

The solution - ekincare’s gamification platform

With the help of ekincare, Rachana initiated a gamified engagement called Mr. and Ms. Active for their employees to nudge them to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Mr. and Ms. Active comprised of the following events where the employee had to participate, and upon completion of the events, two winners were announced with titles Mr. and Ms. Active.

Gamified Challenges

  • Eat Right -  A challenge to nudge healthy eating habits 

  • Move Right - A challenge to inculcate the habit of daily walks

  • Stay Zen - A challenge with a focus and improving sleep cycle and related activities

  • Health Hunt - A treasure hunt challenge combined with questions to create health awareness 

Participants data for Move Right Challenge

  • Participants in earlier Month: 163
  • Participants after the challenge was Initiated: 469
  • % Increase in Participation due to Move right challenge: 187%

 Steps tracking data

  • Average Steps per person before the contest: 1742 per day
  • Average Steps per person during the contest: 2687 per day (over 50% Increase)
  • Total Steps tracked in earlier Month: 9,138,667 (91 Lakh)
  • Total Steps tracked during the event: 46,022,467 (4.6 Crore)

Over some time, she organized many such events encouraging her employees to be more active and healthy, and as a result, the employees' average wellness score improved by 20%.

Kiran Kalakuntla is the current CEO & Co-Founder at ekincare. He has 15+ years of experience in building & marketing 30+ technology products, and has previously managed $100M in product sales for AT&T.