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Empowering co-working spaces to fight COVID-19

Empowering co-working spaces to fight covid 19

ekincare has collaborated with Smartworks to assist its employees and members in fighting the coronavirus through its healthcare facilities.  From enhanced preventive measures at workplaces to touchless office solutions and telemedicine services, together, we are leaving no stone unturned to take care of their employees and members. 

Smartworks is India’s leading agile workspace provider, with a footprint of over 4 million sq. ft. across 29+ locations in 9 cities, catering to more than 400 organizations across large enterprises and high-growth start-ups. Since its inception, Smartworks has been redefining the office experience for new-age office users by harnessing the power of design, hospitality, technology, and customer delight. 

Co-working spaces amidst COVID-19

The global pandemic has disrupted businesses worldwide. But as they say, in crisis lies opportunity. With COVID-19, many traditional companies that were earlier reluctant to include coworking spaces in their existence and expansion strategy have started realizing the benefits of flexible workspace solutions. There has always been a demand for agile workspaces, and post-COVID, this demand will increase as enterprises will look out more for flexibility and mobility. This pandemic has spotlighted employee safety, which has become the top business priority for enterprises now more than ever.

Building employees’ trust in the workplace

While businesses want employees to be confident about returning to work, and the government wants better estimates of infection rates, ekincare and Smartworks have expanded their protocol to include the IgG sero-testing for antibodies against COVID-19 for employees across organizations.

This antibody test has been observed as a potential "game-changer" in tackling the virus as it helps to understand who has had coronavirus earlier and whether they have immunity. The advantage of this test is that employers are able to remain safe and help co-working spaces to operate during the pandemic. It would also help in reassuring their team and help them get back to work with more confidence.

Continuous assistance through Telemedicine

Most clinics across India were required to shut down temporarily, owing to the nationwide lockdown, and telemedicine proved to be a boon as people were able to avail the doctor’s advice from the comfort of their home.

ekincare was one of the early telemedicine providers to corporates, helping them provide better and easy healthcare facilities to their employees - leading to a 221% increase in online doctor consultations in the initial days of the coronavirus spread. Through our partnership with Smartworks, we aim to provide affordable and accessible telemedicine services to employees and their families.

Single integrated health benefits platform 

Health and wellness solutions are of prime importance in the current scenario, and Smartworks is too leaving no stone unturned to take care of its employees and members.

ekincare, in collaboration with Smartworks, offers a single integrated health benefits platform through which their employees can avail the below health services:

  • COVID symptom checker: Renders medical guidance based on the symptoms and the pre-existing medical conditions
  • Doctor consultations: Talk to a doctor anytime, anywhere
  • Health checks: Schedule health checks across 1500 partners 
  • Health Coach Programs: Personalized coaching to manage chronic conditions
  • Medicine delivery: Flat 15% discount, home delivery across 50+ cities
  • Manage Dependents: Add up to 5 family members on the app
  • Nutrition plans: Get custom diet plans, track calorie intake, and personalized weight and medical management to boost immunity
  • Challenges: Take various habit-forming health challenges 
  • Family doctor: Talk to a doctor who believes in building a long-term patient-doctor relationship

Addressing employees’ mental health issues

Stress, doubt, and anxiety can be just as contagious as COVID-19 itself. According to the findings of the latest survey by Optum - nearly half of the employees in India suffer from some kind of stress. 

As there is plenty of workplace stress due to COVID-19, from adapting to new working arrangements, having the kids at home, employees getting sick and much more, organizations have realized that employees are riding emotional rollercoasters and can support them by suggesting ways to reduce anxiety and alleviate larger concerns during times of crisis.

ekincare hence offers a comprehensive mental wellness plan through a combination of Stress tools, webinars, and professional counseling services by qualified and experienced clinical psychologists. 

Building awareness via LIVE Webinars

Smartworks offers a holistic experience to member companies by offering cost-effective solutions and technology-driven environments, while at the same time arranging online events to keep employees engaged and rejuvenated. 

ekincare in association with Smartworks arranged a series of webinars with reputed psychologists to help employees learn the tips and methods to fight stress and depression.

Psychologist consultations

Professional counselling services by qualified and experienced clinical psychologists via chat and face-to-face consultations to help employees deal with their personal issues. 

Major concerns addressed: 

  • Stress and general anxiety issues
  • Employee separation and related trauma
  • Unforeseen events like the death of an employee, suicide, etc.
  • Dealing with trauma related to natural calamities

Since, India is the second-largest market for the co-working sector and has over 1,000 co-working spaces, according to real estate consulting firm JLL, we believe that it’s of utmost importance that employers understand the need of employee health during these tough times and offer virtual alternatives to keep their employees healthy and engaged. 

“Remember the time when a doctor knew all our family members? They advised based on not just the medical conditions but also considered the family’s financial, social, and psychological aspects. These family doctors guided us through difficult medical times with personalized advice.

In the world of specialists, the family doctor concept is lost in India. Patients have realized that there is a disconnect in the care continuum and a lack of comprehensiveness in a person’s health care journey. This is due to the lack of a primary physician in the family ecosystem. At ekincare, we want to bring back the age-old practice of personalized care for the entire family through our Family Doctor offering, backed by our artificially intelligent engines.”

Dr. Lavanya Aribandi - Chief Medical Officer,  ekincare

Prachi Bharadwaj is an experienced Marketing Communications Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the health tech & higher education industries.