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Workplace Guidelines To Follow Post-COVID Lockdown

Workplace Guidelines To Follow Post-COVID Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is no longer only a global health crisis, but also an economic crisis impacting people throughout the world. 

While India has been in lockdown since 25th March, India Inc. has opened war rooms where the C-Suite has only one agenda in mind - getting back to the normal, post-lockdown. 

Soon, when the Indian companies are going to tell their employees it’s time to leave home and return to work, they need to follow a detailed checklist for safe start of operations where each element of the plan integrates employee safety at the core. It is essential to put together a health plan to ensure safe working conditions post COVID-19 lockdown. 

ekincare can help ensure that workspaces are safe and healthy for your employees while adhering to government regulations. 

Workplace preparedness before opening the workplace

While businesses are set to reopen in a safe and practical way, it is advisable to redefine seating at offices in accordance with social distancing norms, introduce shift-based work, go virtual with meetings, ramp up cleaning protocol with frequent sanitization, and reintroduction of access cards in place of biometric. 

  • Health checkpoints should be set up at the entrance of the office.
  • Masks should be arranged and offered at the office reception.
  • Hand sanitizer stations should be installed throughout the building.
  • If possible, even the soles of people's shoes should be cleansed. 

Ahead of the employees’ return, HRs can also give teams a safety guide outlining how they can protect themselves and their teammates in the office and can also plan to offer everyone a welcome back package with items like masks, vitamin C tablets, magic body heating pads, protective gloves, and mini hand sanitizers.

Things to keep in mind while workplaces are kept open 

At the end of the confinement, many would-be eager to return to the workplace as everyone needs a break from home life, employees would also be excited to see their teammates again and express a newfound appreciation for the comforts of the office.

While the whole returning to the work process has to be a gradual process, adequate measures have to be taken to ensure proper safety for the employees.

  • The entire office should be deep-cleaned every day.
  • Elevators to be only accessible to people who worked on the third floor or higher or those who are in dire need of it.
  • Air conditioners can be turned off in favor of window ventilation.
  • Reduce common touchpoints by opening internal doors where possible.
  • Follow staggered meal timings with seating demarcation at least six feet apart.
  • Ensure adequate space between workstations.
  • Instruct employees to disinfect their phone, name tag or ID badge, eyewear, and any work supplies regularly.
  • Restriction of gatherings in common areas, increased spacing between seats in meeting rooms, demarcated standing areas at entry and exit points and within elevators, and restrictions on the movement of employees between floors.
  • HR leaders should ask employees to avoid public transportation as much as possible and suggest driving or walking to work.
  • Temperature screening should be mandatory for anyone entering the premises.
  • Medical staff should be readily available for any queries or emergencies.
  • Instruct the employee to go home immediately if they show any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Non-essential visitors should be banned from office premises, and a list of COVID care facilities in the vicinity needs to be available on-site for emergencies.

How employees can stay safe when they return home from work

While employees would soon return to work, here are some simple daily habits they should follow to keep themselves and their families safe when they are transitioning from work to home:

  • Disinfect phone, name tag or ID badge, eyewear, and any work supplies that are carried back home.
  • Handle possibly contaminated items (shoes, work bags, work clothes) with care.
  • Place work clothes directly into the washing machine after getting back home.
  • Wash work clothes and dirty clothes bag with detergent.
  • Leave work shoes outside the home.
  • Keep home clothes and shoes separate from the work clothes.
  • Shower immediately after arriving home.

As the nation continues to fight this global pandemic and businesses hope to get back to their normal, it’s better to be cautious and practice these tips to keep yourself and your family safe while returning home from work.

ekincare has chalked out comprehensive Back to Work plans for organizations of all sizes with an emphasis on awareness, prevention, and protection of employees and workplaces. 

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Prachi Bharadwaj is an experienced Marketing Communications Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the health tech & higher education industries.