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Top Health & Well-being Ideas for Workplace

Health & Well-being Ideas for Workplace

Well over 50% of our waking lives are spent in the confines of workplaces. And therefore, what we practice at work has a great bearing on our overall health & wellness. Various health conditions can have their roots in the practices we follow at work, the stress that we encounter and the negligence that we seem to so easily pick up towards health at workplaces. Here are the simple but effective health & well-being ideas, that can be easily practiced but can have a profound impact on your health:


Posture is the key to avoiding several types of aches & pain, and chronic conditions related to the spine, neck and others. It is one of the most common things that we neglect and do not get it right at workplaces. Simple practices of sitting upright, not arching the back excessively, keeping the arms at the appropriate level can go a long way in maintaining the right posture.


Drinking adequate water is essential for various bodily functions. From physical to psychological well-being, enough hydration is vital for maintaining good health. Hydration improves the maintenance of core body temperature, delivery of nutrients to cells, improving immunity, enhancing sleep quality and so on. Being hydrated at work is very important to keep your stress levels low and productivity high.

Workstation Exercises

The long hours we spend at work, may not afford us the luxury of exercising a lot. However, that doesn’t mean that exercise can and should be completely avoided. Simple exercises can be performed sitting right at your desk. This helps mobility and breaks down the sedentary pattern of your days.

Physical Activity

While workstation exercises can help, it is ideal if you can earmark some of your time on a workday to increase the levels of physical activity. This can be achieved by making it a habit to walk to your colleagues instead of DMs and phones, using stairs instead of elevators and the like.

Reducing Screen-time

Our workdays are filled with screens, from laptops to mobile phones to video conferences and sometimes video games may be. Excessive screen time has an adverse effect on various health parameters, and it is therefore advised to reduce at least some of the screen time, wherever possible.

Healthy Diets

The high stressed work lives have increased our propensity to eat a lot of junk food, which is high in calories and sugars. Instead, it is advisable to consume healthier options such as fruits, salads, high-fibre foods while at workplaces. This not only decreases your calorie consumption but also improves digestion, while reducing retention of calories.

Off-site Meetings

From the concrete structures that surround us, it is a welcome break if some of the meetings and get-togethers can be organized away from the hustle & bustle of city life. This not only gives a leg up as a perk, but also improves employee morale, reduces their screen time and automatically adds as a stress buster.

Caffeine Use

High stress work patterns increase our caffeine consumption which can have an adverse impact on our health. Excessive caffeine in the system can cause insomnia, stomach issues, irritability, anxiety and faster heartbeat. Instead of excessive caffeine, it is advisable to opt for healthier options.

Employee health and well-being programs are more than just cool employee perks. They are an effective way to ensure your employees are in the right shape to do their best work as being in good physical and mental shape sets the employees to be great at their job.

Thrilok Abhishek

Associate Director, Publicis Sapient

With 10+ years of experience across startups and enterprises, Thrilok is a results-driven business leader with a forward-thinking approach centered on company success and competitive growth.